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LEE Lighting Filter
LEE  272 Soft Gold Reflector
272 金色柔化反光布 

LEE 272 Soft Gold Reflector Roll.  Produces soft reflection. White backed.

LEE Reflectors are used to bounce light with either a hard or soft reflection. These reflectors are ideal for filling in shadows and making the most of available light. Both sides can be used; each side will create a different effect.

Full technical specifications for 272 Soft Gold Reflector can be found here

272 金色柔化反光片詳細產品技術資料

Manufactured in the following sizes 分別有以下尺寸可供選購:

  • Standard  Roll 卷裝 - 6.1m x 1.37m   (20' x 54")

    • Price 價格: HK$1500

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