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Optical Fiber Extension Cable

The maximum cable length can be up to 50m. A substantial increase in USB2.0 device bandwidth with Build-in SuperTT technology. With locking screw holes. Use YOFC BendRobust® special bending optical fiber, which has been tested by the State Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber and Cable. The Kevlar bulletproof core in the cable is reinforced, the high-flexible PET braid is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the wire body is tough and durable.

PJM-U3 AM-AF USB 3.0 Optical Fiber Extend Cable

- Item: F-PJM-U3

- Industry Standard : USB3.1 Gen 1

- Length : 10m / 15m/ 20m / 30m /40m /50m

- Interface Host Side : USB3.1 Gen1 Type-A (Male) connector, Auxiliary power supply for device with >2W power dissipation

- Interface Device Side : USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A  (Female) connector, (with locking screw holes)

- Dimension of the plug : Host Side: 44mm x19mm x 13mm, Device Side: 82mm x 26mm x 14.5mm

- Cable Diameter : 3.7mm

- Transfer Speed : 5Gbps

- Power : 5V 900mA (10m-30m) / 600mA (50m)

- Power Consumption: 0.94W

- Tensile Strength : 150N

- Crush Resistance : 500N

1 Year Warranty

Price information:
F-PJM-U3-10, Length: 10m , Price: HK$1280
F-PJM-U3-15, Length: 15m , Price: HK$1380
F-PJM-U3-20, Length: 20m , Price: HK$1480
0, Length: 30m , Price: HK$1680
0, Length: 40m , Price: HK$1880
0, Length: 50m , Price: HK$2080

Hong Kong & Taiwan Distributor:
Relight Imaging Limited

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