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Ultra Elite 4K HDMI Optical Fiber Cable
up to 100m length

BendRobust® Multimode Optical Fiber
- Maintain high performance and stability under complex bending environment

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Ultra‐Elite系列 光纖HDMI 2.0 4K , Optical Fiber Cable
- Support 4K @60Hz as specified in HDMI2.1
- HDMI type-A to type-A
- Length: available in different length , up to 100m           
     - 10/20/40/50/80/100m
- Bandwidth : 18Gbps
- Resolution: 4:4:4K@60hZ uHD
- Cable Diameter: 4.0mm
- Model No.: F-H2P-Elite-XX
- Power Consumption 250mW
- Fiber Wire Spec. : 4-core optical fiber
- Outer Jacket: Black TPU
- Tensile Strength (Long term/ Short term) : 100N / 200N
- Compressive Strength (Long term) : 200N
- Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C

1 Year Warranty

Price information:
F-H2P-Elite-10, Length: 10m , Price: HK$680
F-H2P-Elite-20, Length: 20m , Price: HK$860
F-H2P-Elite-40, Length: 40m , Price: HK$1080
F-H2P-Elite-50, Length: 50m , Price: HK$1180
F-H2P-Elite-80, Length: 80m , Price: HK$1360
F-H2P-Elite-100, Length: 100m , Price: HK$1480

Hong Kong & Taiwan Distributor:
Relight Imaging Limited

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