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LEE 221 Blue Frost Lighting Gel
221 柔和藍調濾片

Used for soft light effects with the addition of 218 Eighth C.T. Blue. Flame retardant. Converts tungsten (3200K) to daylight (3400K) at the same time.
柔化光綫同時加入1/8級藍色冷調。3200K 轉為3400K。

Full technical specifications for 221 Blue Frost Color Gel can be found here

221 柔和藍調濾片詳細產品技術資料

Manufactured in the following sizes 分別有以下尺寸可供選購:

  • Half Sheet 單半張 - 0.53m x 0.61m (21" x 24"),

    • Price 價格: HK$65

  • Full Sheet 單全張 - 0.53m x 1.22m (21" x 48"),

    • Price 價格: HK$110

  • Standard 4ft Roll 標準4尺卷裝 - 7.62m x 1.22m (25' x 48"),

    • Price 價格: HK$1300

221 Chart.png
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