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Zircon LED Lighting Filters

Fine tuning for fine lighting

- Zircon filters are specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting. Sturdier and longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they ensure your LEDs give the same performance time and time again.
- Manufactured using a 180-micron material — more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter.
- Lasts up to 200 times longer than standard filters Durable and easy to use

- Zircon 系列濾片是專門設計來微調LED燈光出現不一致光綫。它們比標準的濾片更堅固、更持久耐用,確保可以長期在LED燈上重復使用。
- 使用180微米材料製造—是普通濾光片兩倍厚度。
- 使用壽命比標準濾片長200倍,經久耐用。


Selection of Zircon filters
熱門Zircon 系列LED專用濾片 :

LEE 801 Minus Green 1 Zircon for LED Color Gel
801 Zircon系列 - 減綠色調1號LED 專用濾片

- used by photographers to remove large green casts produced by some LEDs.
- 有助降低LED光綫的綠色調。

Longer life filter for correction of warm white LED to Tungsten. Example: 3500K LED to 3000K
LED 燈專用濾片, 調改LED光綫為暖調, 更接近鎢絲燈的色調。例如 3500K LED 改為 3000K

LEE 808 Zircon Warm Amber 6 for LED Color Gel
808 Zircon系列 - 暖黃調6號LED 專用濾片


Longer life filter for medium warm up correction of white LED with minus green tint.
中級暖色調 LED 燈專用濾片, 可降低LED光綫的綠色調。

LEE 813 Zircon Warm Amber 5 for LED Color Gel
813 Zircon系列 - 暖黃調5號LED 專用濾片


LEE 821 Zircon UV Blue Block for LED Lighting Gel
821 Zircon系列 - 降低UV 及藍調光線 LED 專用濾片

Longer life filter used to block UV and blue light.  Has an optical density above 4 in the UV and visible up to 470nm.  >1% Transmission above 505nm
LED 燈專用濾片, 可同時降低UV及藍調 LED光綫。


818 Zircon Cool Blue 6 Lighting Gel
818 Zircon系列 - 藍色冷調6號LED 專用濾片

Longer life filter used to cool down warm white LEDs so that they look whiter.  Example: 3000K LED to 3500K
LED 燈專用濾片, 降低LED光綫為暖調。例如 3000K LED 改為 3500K

810 Zircon Diffusion 1 Lighting Gel is our strongest diffusion on thick polyester for easy use on panels and in channels.  Can be used close to LED chip to blur the pixels.  Approx. equivalent - 216 White Diffusion
採用厚聚酯材料有助光綫的強擴散,適合在LED燈板上使用。  可以靠近LED晶片使用,以使LED光點更柔化一些。是Lee 最強的柔光片, 相當於Lee 216 白色柔光濾片

LEE 810 Zircon Diffusion 1 for LED Lighting Gel
810 Zircon 系列 - 柔光1號LED 專用濾片


LEE 811 Zircon Diffusion 2 for LED Color Gel
811 Zircon系列 - 柔光2號LED 專用濾片

Strong diffusion on thick polyester for easy use on panels and in channels.  Can be used close to LED chip to provide some blurring of the pixels. Approx. equivalent - 416 White Diffusion. 
採用厚聚酯材料有助光綫的強擴散,適合在LED燈板上使用。  可以靠近LED晶片使用,以使LED光點更柔化一些。相當於Lee 416 白色柔光濾片

812 Zircon Diffusion 3 Lighting Gel is a medium diffusion on thick polyester for easy use on panels and in channels.  Provides reasonable diffusion properties without too much loss of light.  Approx. equivalent - 250 White Diffusion

採用厚聚酯材料有助光綫的強擴散,適合在LED燈板上使用。  可以靠近LED晶片使用,以使LED光點更柔化一些。些為中號柔光效果,提供柔光效果,同時也不會有太多光損失。相當於Lee 250 白色柔光濾片

LEE 812 Zircon Diffusion 3 for LED Lighting Gel
812 Zircon 系列 - 柔光3號LED 專用濾片


Longer life filter for LED fixtures, used to reduce the light level by approximately 60%. 
LED 燈專用濾片, 降低LED光綫亮度, 大約60%。

816 Zircon Mid Density Lighting Gel
816 Zircon系列 - 中性密度減光LED 專用濾片


LEE Zircon LED Color Gel Pack Set
LEE Zircon系列 LED 專用濾片套裝

Zircon Cool LED Lighting Pack
Zircon 系列冷調LED調色濾片

Zircon Warm LED Lighting Pack
Zircon 系列暖調LED調色濾片

LED Correction Lighting Pack
Zircon 系列LED燈光調色溫濾片套裝

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