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LEE 808 Zircon Warm Amber 6 LED Color Gel
808 Zircon系列 - 暖黃調6號LED 專用濾片

Longer life filter for correction of warm white LED to Tungsten. Example: 3500K LED to 3000K
LED 燈專用濾片, 調改LED光綫為暖調, 更接近鎢絲燈的色調。例如 3500K LED 改為 3000K

Full technical specifications for 808 Zircon Warm Amber 6 Color Gel can be found here

808 Zircon 暖黃調6號LED專用濾片詳細產品技術資料

Manufactured in the following sizes 分別有以下尺寸可供選購:

  • Half Sheet 單半張 - 0.61m x 0.61m (24" x 24"),

    • Price 價格: HK$80

  • Standard Roll 標準卷裝 - 3.05m x 1.22m (10' x 48"),

    • Price 價格: HK$780


- Zircon filters are specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting. Sturdier and longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they ensure your LEDs give the same performance time and time again.
- Manufactured using a 180-micron material — more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter.
- Lasts up to 200 times longer than standard filters Durable and easy to use

- Zircon 系列濾片是專門設計來微調LED燈光出現不一致光綫。它們比標準的濾片更堅固、更持久耐用,確保可以長期在LED燈上重復使用。
- 使用180微米材料製造—是普通濾光片兩倍厚度。
- 使用壽命比標準濾片長200倍,經久耐用。

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