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LEE Lighting Filter
LEE  444 Eighth C.T.Straw Lighting Gel
442  1/8級暖調偏黃色濾片 

Used to convert 6500K to 5700K - Daylight to tungsten light with a yellow bias.

Full technical specifications for 444 Eighth C.T.Straw can be found here

444  1/8級暖調偏黃色濾片 詳細產品技術資料

Manufactured in the following sizes 分別有以下尺寸可供選購:

  • Half Sheet 單半張 - 0.53m x 0.61m (21" x 24"),

    • Price 價格: HK$65

  • Full Sheet 單全張 - 0.53m x 1.22m (21" x 48"),

    • Price 價格: HK$110

  • Standard 4ft Roll 標準4尺卷裝 - 7.62m x 1.22m (25' x 48"),

    • Price 價格: HK$1300


Other Lee CTO Lighting Gel info:
其他CTO 燈光調色溫濾片資料: 
- Daylight to Tungsten (CTO) Studio Pack

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