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LEE Lighting Filter
Daylight to Tungsten Studio Pack

Features a selection of colour temperature orange (CTO) filters used to convert electronic flash or daylight to match tungsten lighting. Varying densities of orange will allow for partial corrections as well as effects such as sunlight or general warming. Also includes LEE 208, a combination of CTO & 0.6ND (85ND6), to be used when warming and an additional reduction in light are required at the same time.


The pack includes 2x sheets of each colour, all measuring 250mm x 300mm (10″ x 12″).

套裝包含六款常用 CTO調色暖濾片,每款兩張,每張尺寸: 25x30cm (10" x 12"), 合共12張濾片
Included filters: 208, 206, 205, 285, 204, 223.


包括6款濾色片, 每款2張 , 合共: 12 張

濾色片尺寸: 25cm x 30cm (10″ x 12″)

Order code: DTP

Price 售價: HK$420

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