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FIBBR is the global high-end audio and video signal-connection brand. With its outstanding chip and production-line teams, FIBBR developed the Pure3 8K-capable HDMI 2.1 optical-fiber cable, which has been independently certified by an HDMI ForumAuthorized Testing Center (Forum ATC) as the world's first HDMI 2.1 UHS (Ultra High Speed) cable for the home-theater market.
FIBBR offers a wide range of data-transmission products for many different interfaces, such as HDMI, DisplayPort and USB. Product applications include transmission engineering, audio-visual entertainment, e-sports, VR, and other fields; in fact, the company's cables are sold all over the world.

FIBBR Pure3 8K HDMI 2.1 Optical Fiber Cable! Award for Dealerscope for the Audience Award!

FIBBR Pure3 has won the VGP Gold Award in Japan

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